Hurricane Harvey Business Survey

We are conducting a survey of small and medium-sized businesses in Southeast Texas following Hurricane Harvey. The experience of your businesses is valuable regardless of whether it was negative, neutral, or positive.

We expect the survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete. It should be completed by the individual responsible for making the business’s risk management decisions, such as the amount of insurance to purchase. If you are not this individual, please forward the survey link to the appropriate person in your company.


We ask questions about your business’s name, address, operations, and finances. Knowing these details helps us understand your responses. Your answers are confidential and our results will be reported only in the aggregate – none of your identifying information will ever be shared with anyone other than the academic research team listed below.

This survey has several goals. Primarily, we wish to document the experiences of local businesses following Hurricane Harvey. For businesses who were negatively affected, we will examine the factors common to businesses who recovered fastest. What characteristics or risk management practices allowed businesses to recover quickly? What was not effective in speeding recovery? We will also investigate how Harvey affected perceptions of and preparation for future storms. The survey findings will help local business and those around the country more effectively prepare for severe storms and other disasters.

The research team includes Benjamin Collier at Temple University, Lars Powell at the University of Alabama, and Marc Ragin at the University of Georgia. If you have questions, please email Dr. Ragin at

Once the survey is complete, we will compile a report of the results. That report will be distributed to the local organizations that partnered on the study and to any participants who requested an emailed report. We will also post the report on this website.